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The Advantages of IP-based CCTV Surveillance System

While IP-based CCTV systems have been around for more than 10-years, it’s only now that the global surveillance market has tipped from analogue CCTV to IP systems. According to ipvm.com (2011), IP camera sales for new projects in the U.S. and Europe are outpacing analogue sales. Further, enterprise IP-based surveillance projects have increased at a shocking rate, with more than 75 per cent of new projects going with IP.

The benefits of an IP-based system are clear to understand, and by that I mean literally – better picture quality! After all, the whole point of a Video Surveillance System is to see exactly what is going on. But there are far more benefits than a crisp digital picture. Below are the top ten benefits and reasons for why IP-based video surveillance systems are taking over from analogue CCTV solutions.

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